Janmastami is the yearly observance of Krishna’s appearance on earth. It is one of the world’s most widely observed spiritual festivals. Krishna’s “birth,” janma, occurred at midnight on ashtami, the eighth day after the full moon in the Vedic calendar.

Krishna’s appearance is significant on many levels, and is something of a paradox. He’s the beginningless Supreme Person, eternally existing everywhere at all times. He isn’t “born” like we’re are—forced by karma into a succession of material bodies. Krishna appears in His same permanent, spiritual form whenever and wherever He likes.When He does appear, He chooses His devotees to play the roles of His father and mother. He Himself plays the role of their child, and acts like a human being, while also performing superhuman activities that are impossible for anyone else to imitate.

Broadcasting Live ONLINE

8am katha

9am kirtan all day

10pm abhishek

11pm katha

12pm midnight darshan & kirtan

Where ONLINE? YouTube: https://youtu.be/6S7_n2ooVbs

For the fastest updates join our Janmastami 2020 WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DXlEouXVRmr7KITwMDnlKt

In-Person Darshan & Prasadam To-Go*

Register on Eventbrite for a 10 minute darshan time slot by the 8th of August.  

On Janmastami day, arrive to the temple on time for your time slot, have darshan, and receive a box of prasad to take home with you.
Everyone must wear a mask and sanitize hands upon entry.  We will take temperature and request parties (groups or individuals) to remain in physical distance from other parties.

Why are we charging $10 for darshan & prasad?

The value of darshan of the Lord is priceless and is not to be sold or charged money for.
Normally, Janmastami feast is free and everyone offers a donation as reciprocation.

We are requesting $10 for darshan & prasad to solidify your commitment to show up at your registered time-slot, to cover the costs of to-go packages for prasad, and to reduce the handling of cash in-person on site.

Darshan Eventbrite Sign Up

Sign up here for your In-Person Darshan & Prasadam To-Go: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/denver-janmastami-2020-tickets-114617634430

You must have a ticket to enter the temple.

Sponsorship options for Sri Krishna Janmastami

Three levels of sponsorship are available. As a special sponsor you will be honored with gifts of appreciation and recognition for your support. Contact Chaitanya dev dasa for more questions at dmalhotra108@gmail.com

Radha Govinda Sponsor - $1501Yashoda Damodar Sponsor- $1001
Bhagavat Kovida Sponsor - $501
Prasad, canvas painting, maha jewelry, 2 harinam chaddars, big pavitra, small pavitra, small silver cup - large 15g, BTG, incense, bookPrasad, canvas painting, maha jewelry, 2 harinam chaddars, big pavitra, small pavitra, small silver cup - medium 15g, BTG, incense, bookPrasad, canvas painting, maha jewelry, harinam chaddars, 2 small pavitras, small silver cup - medium 15g, BTG, incense

2020 Janmastami Sponsorship Registration
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You can sponsor any amount you like. The sponsors who offer the below sevas will be honored with the above mentioned items.
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Please make your check payable to "ISKCON of Colorado". Once you submit this form you will receive a confirmation email shortly. Please mail your check to - Attn: Janmastami Sponsorship, ISKCON of Colorado, 1400 Cherry St, Denver, CO 80220