Six Ways to Financially Support

The temple relies 100% on volunteers and donors to thrive. Krishna’s worship depends on you!

1. Become a monthly patron. Set aside a portion every month for Krishna.

Have your donation automatically transferred either through the form below or through Patreon (here).

2. Sponsor a week’s worth of the Deities Seva – food offerings or flower garlands: $301

Six bhoga offerings (food offerings prepared by hand from scratch) are made every day. Mangala (morning milk sweets), Sringar (breakfast), Raj bhoga (lunch), Vaikalika (afternoon snack), Sandhya (dinner), and evening snack (Sayana). $301 per week

Fresh flower garlands are handmade for every deity and they’re offered in the morning, every day. Flowers are purchased once a week for the entire week, picked in person at the wholesale market to match/coordinate with each outfit the Deities are wearing on each day. $301 per week

3. Sponsor a morning bathing of Sri Sri Radha Govinda – $108

Sponsor morning abhishek of Sri Sri Radha Govinda, on behalf of a named individual or family, for a donation of $108.

4. Fund a project (like renovations and upgrades)

We are currently doing updates in the outreach kitchen (the big kitchen in the basement level). We are also needing funds to update the webcam. Feel free to email us for more details.

5. Sponsor a festival or holy day.

In each weekly email newsletter we list the month’s holy days. Prominent holy days are listed as events on the website. Give any amount you’d like for a festival or holy day.

All donors and sponsors will be noted and announced in the weekly email newsletter, unless specified otherwise.

6. Other

Every year Their Lordships are offered at least one new day outfit and one new evening outfit (offered on Janmastami and Radhastami respectively). These are designed by local devotees and made by hand, embroidered by hand by artisans in Vrindavan and Mayapur. Sponsor a new day or evening outfit to be offered on a major festival/holy day: $3,500 for a day outfit, $2000 for an evening outfit.

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